What is Mobile Unlocking?
So you want to know more about mobile phone unlocking, heres a run down on exactly what it is, how easy it is, and how safe it is, also lists the benefits of unlocking your mobile phone and why networks lock it in the first place! what is mobile phone unlocking
How Unlock Codes Work?
Each mobile phone has a unique imei number. By using this number we can obtain "unlock codes" which we send to you via email. You then follow a set of instructions detailing how to use the codes which will unlock your phone allowing you to use it with the network provider of your choice. For more information see what is unlocking, how to unlock or unlock services and prices.
Subsidy Passwords
Subsidy Passwords is the name given to unlock codes for Motorola unlock codes. If when you put in a simcard into your Motorola mobile phone you are prompted to "enter subsidy password" or "enter subsidy code" you will need a subsidy password suplied by us to allow you to use any simcard in your Motorola mobile. Subsidy passwords come in 8 or 16 digits in length and are easily entered.
Unlock BlackBerry
Unlocking your BlackBerry mobile phone is one of the easiest solutions available. Submission to the Blackberry database for unlock codes happens every other week and codes return a week later. ALL codes return from our BlackBerry database, and ALL codes are guaranteed to fully and permanently unlock your blackberry device.
Can your Mobile be Unlocked?
Other websites charge you for this information however im providing it free, if we can unlock your mobile phone we will, if we cannot im not going to charge you £5 instead to find out where you can get it unlocked, I cant believe the greed of some companies charging for this information! Find your phone here
Avoiding Unlock Scams
Unlocking can be a daunting process for some people, scared of getting ripped off due to the bad reputation some less established (and many established) unlocking companies have, however this isnt the case with foneszone, its run by me, and heres my guide on what you should be wary of when buying unlocking codes from other websites! unlock code Scams info
Blocked or Barred Handsets
So you've got a mobile phone that doesnt seem to want to work with any network, theres a good chance its been blocked/barred by the network or manufacturer, find out here why this happens on our blocked/barred handset information page Blocked and Barred Info
Security Passwords Explained
Your phone may ask for a range of codes which are not all unlock related, to save you time and money read my explanation of each here, from sim pins to puks.. security passwords for mobiles