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Blocked and Barred Mobile Phone Handsets

Mobile phone handsets that are unable to use any simcard or unable to get "signal" could be blocked or barred. These handsets can be unlocked, HOWEVER they STILL will NOT work with networks. The reason is blocking and barring a phone isnt the same as locking.. its a common mistake people make. For example we could provide a code for your phone and unlock it so it will accept all simcards, however due to it being blocked or barred it still wouldn't be able to be used with the networks, so its pointless.

Blocked/Barred Handsets cannot be unlocked - its illegal!

It is currently a criminal offence to unlock a handset that has been barred in the UK. Our remote unlock code supply service is unable to unlock any barred handsets. Do not attempt to order an unlock from us for any handset that you know has been barred by it's network as no refunds can be given.

Why are handsets barred/blocked?

Barred Handsets

1. A handset would be BARRED by it's network if the owner came into breach of contract for any reason.
2. A handset would be BARRED by it's network if it had previously been cut off for non payment.

All of the above can be undone by the network once the situation had been clarified. For example if a bill had been paid then the phone would be unbarred.

1. A handset would be BLOCKED if it was stolen.

This is a permanant situation, often people purchase second hand mobile phones in good faith, then later they are reported stolen, blocked from the network and can never be re-connected.

Some companies only BAR or BLOCK handsets from one network, so it may be worth trying other simcards (if handset is unlocked).

Is it possible to unbar/block a mobile phone?

It is possible, however its a specialised procedure that is a criminal offence offering a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment, we do not offer information or such services so please dont ask.

Is my phone blocked/barred?

Different service provider networks bar and block handsets in different ways:

If you place an active SIM into a barred handset your phone will not show any signal strength! A "SIM card registration failed" message will also be displayed.

or even

If you place an active SIM card into a barred handset, the phone may appear to function perfectly until you try to make an outgoing call. You will then hear a sequence of beeps and then the call will be dropped by the network!!

My phone has been stolen can I get it barred?

To block your lost or stolen phone across every network, you should call your own network operator, service provider or 08701 123 123.

It's helpful to make a note of your IMEI number but don't worry your handset can still be blocked without it. (The IMEI is located on a strip normally located behind the battery of the handsets. On most handsets, press the keys *#06# and it will be displayed in the handset window.)

You should also contact your local police station, or the police station nearest to where the theft or loss took place, and inform them of what happened.

If you have mobile phone insurance, you should also contact your Insurance provider to report any loss of theft.

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