How to unlock your Alcatel 392G mobile phones guide

Unlock Your Alcatel 392G Mobile Phone Via IMEI. Your phones IMEI is your unique number that is given to each phone. For each IMEI there is a unique unlock code that once entered into your Alcatel 392G phone will enable you to use any compatible sim card. You can get the IMEI for your phone by entering *#06# into your Alcatel 392G keypad. You will only need 1 unlock code to enable you to use any sim card in your phone and enable it to be 'network sim free'.

Unlock your Alcatel 392G mobile phone via IMEI

So you want to know more about mobile phone unlocking, heres our GSM unlocking guide which is a run down on exactly what it is, how easy it is, and how safe it is, also lists the benefits of unlocking your mobile phone and why networks lock it in the first place!

Understand the meaning of unlocking a mobile

If you put another simcard into your Alcatel 392G phone and it does not allow you make calls with it, then your Alcatel 392G is simlocked. If your 392G phone is "simlocked" when you put an alternative network simcard in your phone it could show "enter correct sim", "enter subsidy password", "wrong sim", "incorrect sim" or similar. If you want to use your 392G phone with another simcard then you will need to unlock your phone. There are some small considerations you need to make sure before you start such as simcard compatibility and making sure that your phone is definately "locked" not "blocked" there is a distinct difference!

Is your Alcatel 392G Locked or Blocked?

A locked Alcatel 392G means that your Alcatel 392G phone ONLY accepts simcard from the network it was purchased with. This is easy to solve, we can supply codes that can fully "unlock" your Alcatel 392G phone to all networks. This means that your Alcatel 392G phone can then be used on ANY chosen network in any compatible country, WORLDWIDE. Alternatively a Blocked phone is a phone that has been reported lost or stolen, and has been blocked by the network for use. These phones are unusable and there is no way around this. Unblocking a phone is ILLEGAL and we offer no service for this.

Is it Legal to Unlock your Alcatel 392G

Unlocking a mobile phone to allow it to use any sim is 100% legal, it is law that the networks allow you to be able to get your phone unlocked so that you have choice in choosing the network you wish to use. However Unblocking a phone is a completely ILLEGAL practice and we do not offer such a service for this. You can learn more about the differences here on our blocked or barred pages

Could Unlocking Damage my Alcatel 392G

Unlocking your mobile phone with unlock codes we supply can not damage the phone in anyway, however it could invalidate any warranty offered by the network you purchased the phone from. You should check this fully before you unlock your phone if you have any doubts contact your network.

Know your mobile phones IMEI

Every GSM mobile phone that is produced has like a car its own unique "ID". This IMEI number is what identifies your phone from all the other millions of phones and allows you to log on to mobile phone networks. Every code that is purchased is unique to your phone, this is why genuine unlock codes are not cheap or free and why unlock codes are unique to your Alcatel 392G. You obtain the IMEI from your phone by entering the number *#06# into the phones keypad.

Is it possible to unlock my Alcatel 392G for free?

Unfortunately you cannot obtain free codes for the Alcatel 392G and there currently is no way of unlocking the Alcatel 392G for free, infact you should be very warey of companies offering codes for the Alcatel 392G for very cheap prices as these are often scams that take your money and do not provide codes, just information on how to unlock your phone only. We can supply the codes to unlock your Alcatel 392G phone, we have been unlocking phones since 2003 and have thousands of happy customers, we may not be the cheapest but we provide a reputable service to trade and retail customers.

Order your Unlocking Code from Foneszone

Once your know your Alcatel 392G unique IMEI number then you can place your order via foneszone entering some details about your Alcatel 392G and after making payment you will receive confirmation. I will then order your Alcatel 392G unlock code from my supplier and soon as it returns I will send it on to you via email and if you would like via sms text message.

BE WAREY of cheap sites offering cheap codes they are unlikely to be genuine!

Receive your Unlock Code Instructions

Once your order is complete you will have your unlock code and you will be ready to enter it into your phone. Login to your members area and you'll be able to get both your unlock code and full instructions. The codes we suppy for your phone are extremely easy to use, its as easy as dialling a phone number for most models of mobile phone. We also offer full support for any small problems you may have.

Enter your Code into your Phone

Full instructions and guidance is available showing you step-by-step in clear easy and consice instructions how to unlock your phone, it couldn't be simpler.

Any concerns or problems get full support

You should not have any problems entering your unlock code, the procedure for entering is very straight forward, however if you do have problems for any reason, you can login to your foneszone members area and get support easily and quickly from me. This service is for your convenience and for foneszone is ALWAYS optional. Read Below for more details.

Alternatives to Unlock Codes

Should unlock codes not be available for your particular phone, for some models we may offer an alternative service that requires you to connect your phone to your pc with some software (we supply) and the cable that came with the phone.

Please note that foneszone do not insist on your using any particular method, we do not INSIST like some other sites that you take the cable option if the code is not available, its your descision.